Cannot find module 'fast-xml-parser' in Scully application

Solution to resolving the error Cannot find module 'fast-xml-parser' when adding the sitemap plugin to your Angular/Scully application.

Last updated on 11/21/2021

Problem Scenario and Error Message

I was attempting to add a sitemap.xml file to my Scully/Angular app.

I ran the npm install command:

npm install @gammastream/scully-plugin-sitemap --save-dev

Then I updated my scully config file to configure the plugin based on this Sitemap plugin documentation on

After installing the plugin I ran into this error when attempting to build my scully application:

Cannot find module 'fast-xml-parser'


The solution to resolve this error is to install the 'fast-xml-parser' package by running the following command:

npm install fast-xml-parser

After the npm package for fast-xml-parser is installed you will no longer see the error!